Equity Gain Pty Ltd originally based in Melbourne has now expanded to all the capital cities around Australia. At Equity Gain we will assist you to save tax, pay off your home faster and create wealth for a quality retirement. With Australian property prices doubling on average every 7-10 years, the benefits of property investment are well known. Add to this the shortage of quality rental property in our major cities and surrounding suburbs and you can see that there's never been a better time to invest in property than right now. Many clients tell us that the reasons they haven't invested in property relate to lack of time and lack of knowledge about property investments. It takes time and specific knowledge to conduct research, inspect properties, organize finance, and deal with solicitors, quantity surveyors, accountants, property managers, and so on. Equity Gain does all of this for you. We have a team of fully qualified professionals in all of these areas who make it easy for you to develop your own property portfolio. All you have to do is sit back and watch your investment grow with Equity Gain.


Many people believe that you need to be wealthy to be able to afford to invest in property. This is not true! Most of our clients are everyday day people just like you or I. They may be plumbers, refrigeration mechanics, mining staff, accountants, administration officers, customer service consultants, teachers, managers, retailers, librarians, motor mechanics, childcare assistants, electricians, Government employees, and so on. These are ordinary, everyday people who have jobs and raise families! Todd and Samantha are two of our typical clients. Todd is an auto electrician and Samantha works part time as a retail assistant while caring for their two school-age children. Todd and Samantha just make ends meet each week, but can’t manage to save for their future. There’s nothing left over after they pay their bills, filling up the car with petrol and paying the mortgage.

Are you having trouble getting ahead because you’re:

  • Paying off a mortgage on your family home
  • Paying off a lease on your family car
  • Fighting to keep credit card debt from your door
  • Feeling helpless about ever getting ahead

It came as a shock to Todd and Samantha when they sat down to discuss their financial situation with a finance specialist through Equity Gain. They realized for the first time that the only way they’ve actually made any money in the last fifteen years was through the growth in their family home which they purchased for $200,000 in 1994. Now, its current valuation is $455,000. They met with an Equity Gain finance specialist and have now turned their lives around by refinancing their loans, paying off their credit cards and purchasing an investment property that is giving them fantastic savings on their tax.

You too can make these changes to your financial position by simply making the right choice in relation to where to put your hard earned dollars. Most people earn money and buy STUFF. They end up with a lot of STUFF but never end up wealthy in a self-funded retirement. Other people who make better decisions with their income buy assets that give them a cash flow, increasing their income and equity over time. By also gaining taxation advantages over people who buy STUFF, they have a well-earned, privileged self-funded retirement. Which personal choice will you make?

Following are five top reasons for investing in property:

  • Rental income from tenants that pays off the property
  • Increased capital value in the land over time
  • Attractive tax benefits on the depreciation of the physical house
  • Security of ownership as compared to renting
  • A growing asset base for retirement