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Equity Gain Pty Ltd originally based in Melbourne has now expanded to all the capital cities around Australia.

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At Equity Gain we will assist you to save tax, pay off your home faster and create wealth for a quality retirement.

With Australian property prices doubling on average every 7-10 years, the benefits of property investment are well known.

Add to this the shortage of quality rental property in our major cities and surrounding suburbs and you can see that there's never been a better time to invest in property than right now.

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Many clients tell us that the reasons they haven't invested in property relate to lack of time and lack of knowledge about property investments. It takes time and specific knowledge to conduct research, inspect properties, organize finance, and deal with solicitors, quantity surveyors, accountants, property managers, and so on. Equity Gain does all of this for you. We have a team of fully qualified professionals in all of these areas who make it easy for you to develop your own property portfolio. All you have to do is sit back and watch your investment grow with Equity Gain.

Client Profile

Working people

Many people believe that you need to be wealthy to be able to afford to invest in property. This is not true! Most of our clients are everyday people just like you or I. They may be plumbers, refrigeration mechanics, mining staff, accountants, administration officers, customer service consultants, teachers, managers, retailers, librarians, motor mechanics, childcare assistants, electricians, Government employees, and so on. These are ordinary, everyday people who have jobs and raise families!

Todd and Samantha are two of our typical clients. Todd is an auto electrician and Samantha works part time as a retail assistant while caring for their two school-age children. Todd and Samantha just make ends meet each week, but can’t manage to save for their future. There’s nothing left over after they pay their bills, filling up the car with petrol and paying the mortgage.

Equity Gain clients

Are You Having Trouble Getting Ahead Because You’re:

  • Paying off a mortgage on your family home
  • Paying off a lease on your family car
  • Fighting to keep credit card debt from your door
  • Feeling helpless about ever getting ahead

It came as a shock to Todd and Samantha when they sat down to discuss their financial situation with a finance specialist through Equity Gain. They realized for the first time that the only way they’ve actually made any money in the last fifteen years was through the growth in their family home which they purchased for $200,000 in 1994. Now, its current valuation is $455,000. They met with an Equity Gain finance specialist and have now turned their lives around by refinancing their loans, paying off their credit cards and purchasing an investment property that is giving them fantastic savings on their tax.

You too can make these changes to your financial position by simply making the right choice in relation to where to put your hard earned dollars. Most people earn money and buy STUFF. They end up with a lot of STUFF but never end up wealthy in a self-funded retirement. Other people who make better decisions with their income buy assets that give them a cash flow, increasing their income and equity over time. By also gaining taxation advantages over people who buy STUFF, they have a well-earned, privileged self-funded retirement. Which personal choice will you make?

There Are Five Top Reasons for Investing in Property:

Rental income from tenants that pays off the property

Increased capital value in the land over time

Attractive tax benefits on the depreciation of the physical house

Security of ownership as compared to renting

A growing asset base for retirement


Need assistance
with financing or refinancing your home?

We’re here to help!

Need a strategy for getting out of debt and managing those credit cards?

We have proven solutions to get you on track!

Need help with paying off your mortgage faster and saving money on tax?

You’ve come to the right place!

Equity Gain have secure strategies for managing all of the above problems, plus many more.

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Equity Gain property specialists continually analyse the market so they can give their clients up-to-the-minute advice about all aspects of the property market in Australia.

Property, just like the share market, moves up and down in value depending on the current cycle for that type of property in a certain location.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball to find out what’s happening with property and where to find the ‘hot spots’?
Well, now you can!

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Unit Trust

Unit Trust example flowchart

A unit trust is a company or entity that allows people to purchase units from for a preset amount of time. In the Equity Gain unit trust model, clients are able to purchase units within the trust for a fee per unit over a ten year time frame. The unit trust then purchases 3-5 investment properties for cash and holds title to these properties until they are sold in the future.

There is no lending at all from the unit trust which allows this investment to be cash flow positive from day one! Each unit holder will received a quarterly dividend from the trust on an equal per unit basis.

This investment works very well for people who are retired and require an income, or for people who are working and would like to start getting a cash flow positive return into their superannuation.

Another option for people who can’t borrow enough money from a bank to purchase an investment property directly, they may be able to borrow enough money to invest into a unit trust where they can control the ownership of 3 -5 investment properties.

Flow charts show how this investment works for our clients.

Unit Trust flowchart 2


Imagine playing a game of football … Without any goal posts. How would you know where to run with the ball? How would you know if you were winning?
The answer is – you wouldn’t!


Purchasing investment property is just like a game of football. To be successful, you need to know where you’re going and have a clear plan of how to get there. In short, you need to know exactly what you have to do to be successful.

In a game of football, you have a coach to guide you, using the benefit of his knowledge of the game and his experience.

Similarly, when it comes to property investment, there are dozens of different strategies and you need a ‘property coach’ with specialist knowledge and experience to explain the benefits and pitfalls of each strategy, based on your personal situation. You also need a coach to help you set clear goals of what you want to achieve.

If you don’t know or understand how the costs of purchasing and selling a property and the taxes can affect your strategy, you are not in a position to know if your strategy is going to be effective until it’s too late.

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Michael Property Advisor

Why invest

Can't work until 70

It is so easy to get caught up in day to day life and to not focus on our own financial future. So many of us are immersed in our work, our family and our friends that we forget about the bigger picture in life. Our retirement “Golden Years”!

Unfortunately for most Australians they will end up on some sort of Government assistance when they retire as they will not have enough capital or assets to support their non-income producing years left on planet Earth. In fact in a recent survey we found that less than 5% of people retired today are self-sufficient financially.

The sooner that you start to think about the bigger picture, the sooner you can make the decision to start planning for the later part of your life. The more time you have on your side, the better the Golden Years are going to be.

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Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Money in hands

Most people today understand that superannuation is not the be all and end all and the need to ensure that their money is working for them as best as it can over their work life to give them the best advantage by the time they retire.

Rather than letting a company look after your superannuation on your behalf and have no idea where your funds are actually being held nor the names of the people who are investing your money on your behalf, a lot of people want to take charge of their own money and make their own decisions as to where it is invested.

With one of the latest rule changes in SMSF’s allowing a SMSF to borrow, you can now possibly fund an investment property in your own SMSF. This requires advice from a licensed professional and all care should be taken to ensure that this is set up correctly and in line with the rules and regulations of the act.

Man with papers

Equity Gain has a team of Financial Planners and Accountants that specialise in the setting up and ongoing management and future planning of your SMSF.

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Anne & John O, Geelong

The team at Equity Gain an amazing job - Everything went like clockwork and faster than we had anticipated and we were kept informed at every step of the way. we would recommend Equity Gain to anyone contemplating an investment property

Anne & John O, Geelong
Shaun & Susan G

We are so impressed with our new property through Equity Gain. We are looking forward to buying our second investment property as soon as we can afford to

Shaun & Susan G, Geelong WestP
Jono and Rachel J

Thank you Joe for being so patient with us. The team were great and we are so proud of our new investment property.

Jono and Rachel J, South Melbourne
Pete & Jen P

Many of my friends had invested in property in the past by the time they were 45. I had never thought that I could invest in property as i am a moderate income earner and my wife looks after the kid's fultime. I was very surprised to see how the taxation and interest worked on the investment and how little i had to front up with each week.

Pete & Jen P, Craigieburn Melbourne